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Immune response is a  body reaction to different foreign stimuli although  these agents may not be bad For instance, grains of pollen are not dangerous for our body integrity but produce inflammation of the airways and symptoms like nasal blockage (allergic rhinitis) or wheezing (asthma) in certain people . Around a twenty per cent of the population carries a genetic predisposition to react inappropriately not only to pollen, pets dander, dust mite or other allergic factors but during climate changes, exposition to different dusts, smoke or strong odors too. Skin and airways conditions like rashes (dermatitis) or sinusitis are treated by an allergist. This is a trained and certified physician who knows how to prevent, relieve or cure allergic diseases using techniques like skin or blood tests, functional respiratory testing and tools for treating patients like allergic vaccines and inmunomodulation therapy in recurrent respiratory infections among other resources.

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