Who are we?

We are a Mexican corporation formed by physicians recognized nationally and internationally, as well as professionals in other areas such as: engineers, designers, programmers, etc..

We are established in Mexico, but we promote medical services in the Mexico and United States, following the demand for information and interaction with the Medical Services of Mexico by patients local, national, international, making bridges.

According to studies made by the Colegio de la Frontera Norte and regional universities on both sides of the border, the main reason visitors travel to Tijuana is the purchase of medical care and medicines, Tijuana is known as "The border visited in the world "based on this we can say that it is vitally important to provide information about these services in order to facilitate the journey of these crossings.

A Brief History of Mexico Doctors in S.C.

After identifying information needs and interaction of health services in our region, we began our project Binacional the September 7, 2005, after a call through a direct invitation to more than 4 000 providers Medical Baja California and meetings with some 50 associations and Medical Colleges of Baja California in particular.

Locking this dream and share it through a seminar and a banquet at the Hotel San Diego, California, supported by a group of Postal Service of the United States. Since then many efforts basis and we have helped providers and purchasers of health services in our region with great pleasure and enthusiasm, thus meeting a basic need and expect to continue for long.

In January 2009 MexDoctors.com through its contribution to the information society and knowledge to bridge the digital divide, has been recognized by the United Nations through the "World Summit Award" as the best mexico content Internet in the category of e-Health. Mexdoctors.com in its category to represent Mexico at the World Summit Award.

  The World Summit Award is a global initiative to promote the best and most innovative content applied to the Information and Communication through competitions in various countries to promote best practice in this area at international level.



Director General

Ing Carlos Varela Jesus Michel

* Industrial Engineering by the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.

* Founder of the "Multinational Foundation for Sustainable Development in Mexico"

Web Designer

José Alfredo González Muñoz

* Web developer and designated more than 10 years of experience in the United States and Mexico.

Medical Director

Dr. Germán Díaz.

President of the Medical College of Tijuana, and more than 25 years of experience in private practice in Tijuana.

     * Certified otolaryngologist.

Partner Adviser

Enrique Ros

* Digital Media Specialist and Internet Marketing.

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Dr. Germán Díaz. Medical

     * Certified otolaryngologist.
     * President of the Medical College of Tijuana, and more than 25 years of experience in private practice in Tijuana.


Dr. Cesar Garcia Amescua

     Doctors specializing in chronic pain.
     * Medical Director of Hospital Angles Tijuana.


Dr. Hernan G. Calderón

     * General Phisician.
     * It's our first medical contact.


Dr. J.L. Gaitán Mora

     * Pediatric Surgery and Pediatrics
     * Ex-president of the medical college of Tijuana



Our mission is your health, informing and moving closer to doctors specialists, dentists, clinics and hospitals available to them in Baja California, Mexico.
Our Services.

Medical Portal (MexDoctors.com) is the most important health Portal in Baja California, the health professionals who are certified and recognized by the medical community.


Membership of Health offers different services but everything to guide, support and be your host during your visit with health professional.


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