A doctor who is specially trained to give anesthesia, which is the medicine given to relieve pain. Attending A faculty level physician on staff at UNC in charge of the general care of the patient or acting as a consultant for specialized care.

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Dra. Melisa Mariscal Omaña

Centro Medico Premier, 3er piso,
Consultorio 310.

Calle Antonio Caso 2055, Zona Urbana Rio.

TEL. (664) 478 3003 | USA 01152 (664) 634-1974
Celular: (664) 264 6626

Dr. Juan Francisco Anzorena Vallarino

Anestesiologo, Anestesiólogo pediatra, Manejo de dolor crónico

Guadalupe Victoria No. 51-104 Zona Río, Tijuana, B.C.

Dr. Cesar Alejandro Amescua Garcia

Anestesiologia, Medicina del Dolor y Paliativa

Hospital A ngeles Consultorio 309

tel: 635 1875 From USA (619) 407-7766

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